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Has it really been two years? I still remember writing my first piece for the newsletter and freaking out that this was something I would have to do for the next two years─and now this is the last one!

It has been an honor to be president of the Corporate Facilities Council. I know I say it repeatedly, but this journey would never have been successful without all the support I have received, not only from the board and members but also from our unsung heroes behind the scenes, Sue and Larry Thompson, who spruce-up my writings, produce this outstanding newsletter, and maintain our website.

As I close out my term, I encourage each one of you to get involved by volunteering for an officer or chair position. I would not trade my years on the board for anything! Serving has taken me to new locations, exposed me to fresh ideas and provided me with numerous insights, and most importantly, has been the avenue to meeting some truly exceptional friends. l will be the first to admit I had no clue what I was doing when I first volunteered all those years ago, but I am so glad I took that leap.

Welcome to spring and summer and congratulations to the next wave of officers. I now eagerly look forward to my role as past president! What's next?

From Your President

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