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The Corporate Facilities Council is very pleased to announce the following benefit to our members: the Workplace Strategy Summit findings e-book is complimentary for all CFC members.

The CFC was a proud sponsor of the IFMA Foundation's Workplace Summit, held at Cornell in the fall of 2012.  

Council members also participated in the Summit, and the proceedings are now published. The IFMA Foundation has made this report available to our members without charge as a way of showing their appreciation for our sponsorship and support.

As a CFC member, you may download a complimentary copy. The e-book will carry a sales price of $19.95 in the IFMA bookstore.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Exceptional Membership

The Corporate Facilities Council is the largest of IFMA's 16 councils and has become a destination of choice for members who are looking to network with others who provide facility management and other services for office settings, particularly headquarters and large campuses. Our members hold a wide variety
of positions in facilities management, are from 46 countries, and are actively engaged in supporting each other and the profession.


The mission of the council is to be the comprehensive network for knowledge and resource sharing for facility professionals responsible for headquarters, large campuses, and office environments.


Provide a forum to share knowledge, expertise, and resources to support and advance corporate facility professionals

Anticipate and deliver specific learning and networking opportunities through exclusive resources for the advancement of Corporate Facilities Council stakeholders

Create a dynamic experience that engages and inspires member participation and leadership

The Corporate Facilities Council will operate with integrity to achieve and fulfill its mission.

Extraordinary Support

The CFC has experienced sustained growth for several years because of its commitment to providing highly valuable education, industry research, timely information, and programs of exceptional quality. Pertinent topics have covered real estate consolidation, amenities standards, alternative officing solutions, sustainability, major move strategies, office chair selection, food service standards, templates for RFPs, and policies and training for defibrillator use, to name just a few.

The council offers its members value-added services in the form of educational and networking opportunities as well as support for your professional development.  As a marker of the Council's commitment, we have been awarded Council of the Year in 2008 and 2011. Watch this brief video of the 2011 award ceremony with comments from Past President Jeff Martin.

Please Join Us

Council dues are $55, in addition to your regular IFMA membership. Please follow this link to the main IFMA page to join IFMA and the Corporate Facilities Council.

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As in any volunteer organization, its successfulness is fueled by member participation. Donating a little of your time and skill is a great way to keep that success rolling forward.

Business is conducted by email and phone, and the most time-consuming tasks are the activities surrounding participation in Facilities Fusion and World Workplace.

We’re looking for members to take on specific tasks with these events, and with other duties such as membership and education.

ACT today and become a council volunteer.

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Workplace Strategy Summit Findings
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